Will the strength of their love for one another be enough?


Life has just started to look up for Jamie. He has a job at the Moore Manor. He is finally free of his abusive uncle. He has a friend who genuinely cares for him. But when the attentions of the Hotel owner’s son begin to threaten his newfound peace, Jamie worries.


Riley doesn’t appreciate being summoned to Moore Manor. But while at home, he meets the most beautiful young man he’s ever seen. He wants to court the younger man, but his mother complicates his intention with a shocking revelation. Not to mention the Vampire he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about.


Ben’s been sent to find a nuisance witch. He needs to put all thoughts of a destined soul mate out of his head and focus on the task ahead. But when he realizes that the witch is more powerful than he originally thought, his priorities shift. He must now protect the two men with everything he has, even if one of them wants nothing to do with him.


Can Jamie, Riley and Ben navigate their complicated lives, the threat of a wicked witch with a grudge and their forbidden love for one another?


Broken Triangle is the first installment in the Eternal Soulmates Series, a sexy saga of stories about vampires, witches, werewolves and humans. If you love your stories steamy, action packed and emotional, then you’ll love Elle W Silver’s first book.

It was refreshing to read an M/M fantasy type book that hasn't been done in a 'cookie-cutter' style, & I completely enjoyed reading this one. It looks like this may be the author's first book, &, with that in mind, I'm twice as impressed by how well written Broken Triangle is...

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I normally get frustrated at cliff hangers. However, this book is so amazing I seriously need the next one.


The author is great with expressing the feelings involved...

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